Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Visit to Civic Center Park

Today I decided we were going to get out of the house and do something, whether the kids wanted to or not. I decided to take them to this park I have read about and that we would go early before it got too hot. What was I thinking, it is hot here 24/7! We played at the park for a little over an hour. The kids were IN LOVE with the rollerslide. It was amazing. I even went down it. It is fast and a pretty long ride. The Japanese really know how to make an awesome park!

Parker going down his 1st time- he wasn't even scared,
and he gets scared very easily!
The view from the top
Cooper all ready to go
Sweet Little Emma very excited to head down
Carson had so much fun, he loved going down on the cardboard,
that way you go a lot faster!
Adorable, even when she is very hot and sweaty
Racing back to the top to go again
Cooper Duper
Too scared for the drop slide, I don't blame them, there is
no way I would go down this slide, let alone let them go.
Group hug- Cooper wanted no part of this, he was way to hot.
Time to go- what a great morning at the park.
The kids can't wait to take Daddy on the rollerslide
when he gets back in a few weeks.