Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Twas the Night Before School

These 4 are always making me laugh. They really are the goofiest little kids. Tonight we walked downstairs to take a few pictures. They were being so funny! The last 10 weeks have had their ups and downs. However, we have had so much fun together. I am really going to miss having the big boys here during the day. It's going to be so quiet with half the team gone.

Lunches are packed. Cooper: grapes, chips, his famous ketchup and mustard sandwich, and a special capri sun, something that really is a treat around here. Carson: his usual school lunch of grapes, applesauce, chips and goldfish. Clothes are all laid out. Backpacks are packed. Teeth are brushed. Now we are watching "Oceans" before going to bed. The boys are very excited!


  1. Hope Cooper and Carson have a good day first day back at school tomorrow. I cant wait to have kids :-)

  2. Shannon - Please send me these pics as attachments. I want to do a frame collection! Love U all - Michele